Concierge Physical Therapy

New Yorkers recognize that time is tight. I bring physical therapy and movement services directly to you. This means you minimize time away from the rest of your life and maximize the time you spend getting better.


The course of care begins with complete consideration of your medical history, present situation, questions, concerns, and goals.  This is followed by an initial evaluation, a complete musculoskeletal examination and movement screen that addresses posture, mobility, strength, stability, and fundamental movement patterns.  This information allows us to understand what an issue is, where it is coming from, and why.  We will discuss the findings of the initial evaluation, establish the plan of care together, and get to work immediately on getting you well.  Evaluation sessions are 60 minutes and cost $200.

Treatment seeks to alleviate pain, improve function, and increase performance and activity tolerance. My mission is to get you doing what you have to do and what you want to do as soon as possible.  This is done through the restoration of mobility, strength, stability, and movement patterning. 

In all aspects of care, I aim to get you moving as soon as possible. I utilize a myriad of techniques and skill sets during care including progressive exercise of all stripes, manual therapy, IASTM, joint mobilization, myofascial/triggerpoint work, active/dynamic stretching, taping, and lifestyle modification.

Education is an important part of the process, as ultimately my job is to make myself obsolete by teaching you the knowledge and skills you need to take care of your body for the long term.  You will have a progressive home exercise program to work on between sessions to solidify gains made in-session and to achieve steady improvement between sessions.  Treatment sessions are 60 minutes and cost $200.